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Sony VAIO SVF15212SN No Sound / NoWifi

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Hi friends,

Thanks to your wonderful forum, I have been able to install Mac OS Mojave 10.14.0 on my Sony VAIO SVF15212SN on a 512 GB SSD with Windows 10 Home SL on same SSD using Clover. 

Just day before I was able to successfully enable Intel HD Graphics by using "Inject Intel","Reset HDA", "ig-platform-id=0x016600003" in Graphics section of Clover Configurator. Also, in Devices section, I used "IntelGFX" value as "0x01668086". This laptop has onboard Intel HD Graphics, Intel HD Audio alongside Realtek ALC885. While trying to enable Audio on this laptop I used Layout ID = 12 from the information provided using the below page on another forum. This has an informative list of Layout IDs which can be used in Clover.


Need help with the following issues I am facing -

  1. No Wifi: This has Broadcom BCM43142A0 wifi Half Mini Card. I understand that currently this is not supported. I have LAN enabled on my laptop so this is not a show stopper as of now.
  2. No Sound - I am still experimenting with different Layout IDs. Any idea on how I can fix Sound as I desperately need this on my laptop.
  3. macOS Install Mountpoint - I tried to take updates as I wanted to install Multibeast which requires 10.14.6 but this resulted in the mentioned mount point which doesn't quit or install any updates on my laptop. How to resolve this update or remove this. Or maybe something else I can do to install Multibeast.
  4. Hiding A Few Clover Boot Options - Tried to use GUID to hide this partition but since the GUID is same for this mount point, Main Install, Recovery, and Preboot FileVault, all of these options were hidden. How to hide mount points or partitions I do not want generally ?

If you need any information from my side, please do instruct me to respond with it so that we can resolve these issue.

Any help would be great !

Thanks in advance, 



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