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im using hp 15 15q-bu044TU
i want to install macOS bigsur on this laptop

i have created bigsur bootable installer using pendrive in windows using transmac after this

im stuck here

don't which chipset to choose

Making Big Sur Installer Bootable

"[Hackintosh Big Sur Installer has customizable EFI Partition, Where you can Install OpenCore, Clover or any UEFI Bootloader that could boot Mac.

You can find pre-build EFI Folders of Clover EFI for Big Sur, OpenCore EFI for Big Sur from Hackintosh Bootloaders Downloads section.

All you have to do is find a suitable Hackintosh EFI Folder to Boot Big Sur, Extract it and Copy it to BOOTLOADER Partition, It makes the USB Bootable.

Avoid including Network, Audio and Unnecessary kexts into UEFI Bootloader, You can Install them later.

Here are some common EFI Bootloaders that you can use to Install.

Intel 100 Series & Intel 200 Series Clover/OpenCore

  • Intel Z170 Chipset
  • Intel Q170 Chipset
  • Intel H170 Chipset
  • Intel Q150 Chipset
  • Intel B150 Chipset
  • Intel H110 Chipset
  • Intel X299 Chipset
  • Intel Z270 Chipset
  • Intel H270 Chipset
  • Intel Q270 Chipset
  • Intel Q250 Chipset
  • Intel B250 Chipset

Intel 300 Series & Intel 400 Series Clover/OpenCore

If you have already have a bootloader in your EFI Partition, Copy that EFI folder into BOOTLOADER Partition.]"

what to do here?
Please someone respond and help

Thank you.

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