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[HELP] High Sierra Error installation

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Posted (edited)

Hi to everyone! Newbie here! 

Im sorry for my English this is not our native language...

I hope you can help me with my encountered problem during installation of Hackingtosh  High Sierra. 

I have a problem Installing High Sierra using my hard drive as the bootloader installer not USB Pendrive cause I'm having trouble using any of my usb it gets me stuck in "HID:Legacy shim 2" even I used a USB Hub or not same error. But when I started to use my blank Hard drive and format it in Transmac and restore High Sierra .dmg then used the unallocated space and format it to mount and used it to install High Sierra.

At first steps its all good, Boot installer hard drive continues with no errors and reach to the Installer Menu.

What I did was.

1.) Open the Disk Utilities and erase the drive. Format to extended Journaled to be use to install High Sierra.

2.) Open the Terminal and change the date to "Date 0924000017"

3.) Select the drive to install and select customized option to include some drivers and kexts needed then continue.

4.) 17 Minutes as time stated and reach to the finishing time and the error popup "Cannot install Mac OS in this computer"  an error occurred while running scripts from the package ”Network.pkg

My laptop specs:

Futjitsu Lifebook corei3 2.2GHZ


Video: HD 3000

Hard Drive: 500 GB


Anyone could help me with this?

Thanks for your time reading my concern.


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