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Yosemite on a Medion e2050 (MD8334)

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Hello, I'm new to the Apple scene and would like to get to know the system. I want to use a Medion Multimedia PC with Intel core i3 4160 CPU Haswell, 16Gb Ram, A.M.I. Bios, NVIDIA GEFORCE GT240. AHCI is switched on, a SATA disk with a 100Gb ext4 partition, empty and unformatted 150 Gb available space is connected. I created 2 boot sticks with Transmac, one with Yosemite 10.10. the other with Yosemite 10.10.1, all downloaded from here. When I boot the computer with it, the boot screen appears, -> Enter, then the cursor flashes at the top left, the program loads lines of code inside, then the white Apple logo flashes briefly on the YM 10.10 and the computer reboots, the like. with the YM 10.10.1 only flashes the Hackintosh logo briefly and continues to reboot. Tried all the flags I know (which I have collected up to now), -v runs through, did not stop, and reboots; nothing helps. What's wrong? Can someone please help me?



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yes, with that flag it worked one time. After installation, i pull the update from the apple app store to 10.10.5 and restartet. From this point on, it went wrong, no booting into system, no nothing, nada. Then formatted the hdd and started a new installation with the known flags and nv-disable=1: Result:  the end of the debugging:

<some adress lines, all with doubled charakters, then>

BBSSDD  pprroocceessss  nnaammee  ccoorrrreessppoonnddiinngg  ttoo  ccuurrrreenntt  tthhrreeaatt::

BBoott  aarrggss::  rroott--ddmmgg==ffiillee:://////BBaasseeSSyysstteemm..ddmmgg  kkeexxtt--ddeevv--mmooddee==11  --ffoorrccee6644  aahhcciiddiisskk==11  ddeebbuugg==88  ddaarrkkwwaakkee==00  ddmmaarr==00  --vv  nnvv--ddiissaabb

MMaacc  OOSS  VVeerrssiioonn::


KKeerrnneell  vveerrssiioonn::

DDaarrwwiinn  KKeerrnneell  VVeerrssiioonn  1144..00..00::  FFrrii  SSeepp  1199  0000::2266::4444  PPDDTT22001144;;  rroott::xxnnuu--22778822..11..9977--22//RREELLEEAASSEE__XX8866__6644

KKeenneell  UUUUIIDD::  8899EE1100330066--BBCC7788--33AA33BB--995555CC--77CC44992222557777EE6611____HHIIBB    tteexxtt  bbaassee::  00xxffffffffff88000000110000000000

SSyysstteemm  mmooddeell  nnaammee::  EE22005500  22339911  ((HH8811HH33--EEMM22))

<a line with system uptime in nanosecs, also double chars.>

<undoubled> Attempting to commit panic to NVRAM

EFI: coudn't save panic info (err = 80000003)

DDeebbuuggeerr  nnoott  ccoonnffiigguurreedd..  HHaannggiinngg..


Could you please tell something, to get the system on this PC running? Thank you

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