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(HELP)Intel HD4000 Crashes & Freezez on Logic pro X Preferences Tab.

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Hi guys, im a newbie to hackintosh. long story short. i have a macbook 2011 13inch, which has been facing GPU issues since past 6 months. it has been around me for 5+ years and finally gets sick, did reboil and all sorts, still the GPU prob exist. (ive read its endless)

CURRENT Story, my friend build a hackintosh osx catalina for me for less budget from your sites help in clover, files and all. the PC setups are, Dell Optiplex 3020. all standard, 4gb ram, i3 dual core processor. intel HD 4000 on board graphics, 500HDD.

im testing it to use for my audio production, photoshop, n light video editing with FCPX. so far ive tried doing the inject intel and sorts to get the screen resolution to 1080p. succeed. im using Dp converter to HDMI to my tv as monitor.

problems im facing is, when i open logic pro x without the Injectintel. im only getting "intel HD 4000 4mb" and my logic pro x preferences tabs are working good. as its resolution is default close to720p i think.

but when i have "inject intel on clover settings before it boots to the OS. the logic pro x preferences tab gets stuck and freez, glitch, unable to click on any stings and theres nothing i can do other than off and on the machine.

is there any fixes for that? Currently too low on budget thats why im trying to work on this,

total new in hackintosh world, please guide me..

extra details..




Please let me know if theres anything else i should pass on.. Thanks guys!

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