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PC graphics with big sur that will work

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I have read threw so much stuff on my PC and all the installers and have had a couple work but needed more assistance to have it working right. I can not get the wifi ethernet to work with most of them. It shows in the installer log while attempting an install that they are failing for domain error; PKinstallation can not be installed. It says in the message with the log to contact the software provider for more details about installing it. I can have ethernet runnig and see the little lights on art the socket, but as soon as the installation starts it kills the ethernet port and the lights go off and don't come back on. I put in USB wifi donges and it will get wifi when I install the driver, then it flashes off and starts a reboot. I am running an optiplex 90101 i7 3770 with HD 4000 graphics with a gigabyte motherboard, using HDMI and clean fresh SSD. I flash the bios and everything as given in all hackintosh guides for the intel PC that I have. Will big sur work with my graphics HD4000? I wish I could get just one setup to work completely with bluetooth USB donge and wifi. I wish that yosemite didn't have flickering graphics and unstable theme wall papers that didn't keep hiding my mouse pointer behind the page all the time. I don't know if I trust myself to make a bootloader if its not already installed in the file. Thank you for anyone that gives me answers that I can study into doing. 

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