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  1. My PC does not boot into any version of hackintosh after using opencore.it says firmware not supported or try again,cmos check sum error. I dont know what options to use for bios other than AHCI and where i went wrong.it used to boot before now not.
  2. Not able to install any Hackintosh pls help Chipset GAZ68p-DS3 Whats the Bios options
  3. running bless to place boot files failed niresh catalina
  4. CMOS checksum error, RIP, Firmware not Matching
  5. Its GUID Partition, Problem is PC shuts down when about to finish installation.
  6. am getting runnig package script failed summary
  7. how about clover 5127, I have made a usb installer using etcher while trying to install it stays in loading with a cursor blinking for ever in a black screen, it stays in this black screen for hours
  8. can bios old pcs work with out uefi option do we have hope for bigsur
  9. am using clover 5070 sandy bridge no go, not an expert to do open core or Clover config need help.ty..
  10. Respected am using SandyBridge, tried hackintoshshop bigsur ,installing the latest clover but unable to boot stuck at login cursor.Pls guide me.ty….
  11. Am getting an error message "Cant find Boot file:Kernel" tried to locate from Source using pacifist but not able to trace it or rectify,Pls help if you can ! On installing Big Sur Pls help us with the path.
    Big Sur Installation am getting an error " Cant Find Boot File: Kernel" tried to extract with pacifist but can't find the kernel file and its location on source. Pls help if you can. !
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