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  1. Hey. Can't I update macOS Catalina? I installed Catalina once. Graphics is 7MB and Graphics has glitches, but audio and Ethernet worked. But there is a same problem about mounting EFI. Can't I install macOS Catalina, then update to macOS Big Sur?
  2. Can't I do anything to install mac without using whole HDD? I want to use mac.
  3. Yes. But prob is, I don't have another HDD! We need money in every step. Then I think mac is not for me. thank u for your support.
  4. But so many data on my HDD. I don't have cloud backup for those files. Google just gives me free 15GB. But I have almost 600GB data. I can't erase my HDD. Should I give up on mac?
  5. But why the EFI I made is not mounting? I made the EFI using windows Powershell Command. But EFI is EFI. Why isn't it mounting in clover? And how can I mount it?
  6. I made a 200mb EFI Partition on my HDD. But clover isn't mounting this EFI. Here in a screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/JGn6lRB.png
  7. no. my windows is previously installed on SSD. and I am installing macOS on a partition of HDD. About kexts, the kexts(AppleALC, Realtek8111, FakePCIID, FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics) I have to install later, can't I install the kexts in the macOS Big Sur installer? macOS will be installed with those kexts.
  8. Isn't there any way, that I can install macOS Big Sur on my PC with those previously installed kexts and the clover configurator?
  9. I don't know how can I thank you. I have never seen anyone like you. You are replaying my every comments very quickly. I know that I am a noob. But you are replaying every comments. Thank you very very much for your support. I would donate for your this kind of support. But....I don't have money. Thank you very much. You are a very good person.
  10. Problem is, my Windows 10 have so many information, IDs. And also if it doesn't work, I don't have another pendrive for installing Windows. Can't I dualboot anyway? Isn't there no ways left?
  11. Yes, isn't that necessary? I searched youtube. They mounted EFI partition. But I don't have the EFI of mac. I am so screwed. Can you tell me the process of installing kexts? I know that I am wasting your valuable time. But pls?
  12. I think my HDD isn't EFI. But yes, I have GUID Partition table. Here is a picture https://ibb.co/SfhRhxZ
  13. I found those kexts. But when I enter clover, in Mount EFI option, I can't found my installed macOS disk that I can mount. What can I do now? There is just my Windows 10 installed SSD partition. But not macOS installed HDD partition.
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