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  1. Seeing that you have a dedicated gpu try booting with the disable flag and also choose the nvidea web drivers
  2. Can you please share a picture when your at the setup page and also choose diskutil so I can see your drives
  3. So I figured it out now. First make sure you format the disk as APFS and GUID partition table. That's a must because if not then the scripts will try to find that type of format and it wont
  4. Are you installing on a external hdd or internal? I was getting that error also then today I tried a external ssd and it installed perfectly only issue is I have to use a usb 2.0 hub which is really slow. At the moment am trying to figure out how to install on my internal drive
  5. In clover go to options ->config->config2 Then it should boot Also use a USB 2.0 flash drive or use a USB 2.0 hub
  6. A quick update so I got a USB 2 hub and connected both my boot drive and and USB drive to the same hub and wallah!!!! Boots. Thanks so much for you help. Is there a way how I can make this information available here? Because I see a lot of people with this issue. Thanks
  7. Tried now I get this error: appleintellpssi2ccontroller ftimerservicematching timed out. Then screen with blurry text and circle in the middle. At the bottom it says: waiting for root device
  8. Another thing I just notice when I go into clover options and select config 2 it boots without the safe mode flag. Don't break either during the installation but once it automatically reboots i cant continue to boot from the drive to continue to installation.
  9. Still no progress. Do you think maybe because am using a Dell 7577? Specs: Nvidia 1060 max q 128g NVME 1tb HDD Intel i7 Kaby Lake Intel HD 630 graphics Thunderpord 3 port
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