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  1. Its out now to developers and insiders and I got a copy of the dmg file. It needs the EFI bootloader from clover installed in the first partition of the USB installer you create. There is another Image USB burner that burns DMG images with many other options, called AnyBurn and it runs in windows. Unlike transmac where its a limited time and the limits it has compared to AnyBurn. I'll include links to the Monterey DMG file download, which is downloading from google drive so the download is a little faster then other methods. After you burn the DMG to the USB, disconnect the USB then reinstall it to the computer, it will load the EFGI partition with a drive letter so it can be seen in file explorer, where you can copy and paste the EFI folder to the partition. I got it to upgrade my hackintosh PC with a simple install. Its really Big Sur with all the bugs worked out. Monterey DMG File AnyBurn Setup exe File
  2. I tried and tried to find the download from in catalina and coiuld not find it. I then went into technical support and kept asking how to get a clean copy download of the Mac os, finallly a tech gave me this link to get straight to the download in the mac app store. You must be on a mac to get to this download. Leads to the direct download If your gonna use unibeast or multibeast to create the right EFI folder for your install, this is the clean file way.
  3. I have tried every single OS that is offered and nothing works. I can get Catalina to load into post installation but just get a black screen and mouse pointer. I have checked and have the HD 4000 graphics installed. I took the monterey USB drive and installed the EFI folder and file from the EFI partition to the catalina installer and copy and pasted to the EFI partition on the Monterey and it didn't work either. I have looked for an EFI file thats designed for my PC but can not find anything. Most of the installers start the install then stop and say it can not be installed on this PC. I have been trying these different installers for over a month and nothing has worked. I have discovered that there is another USB burner that works with the DMG files. AnyBurn AnyBurn setup exe file This doesn't have a trial period like transmac does. I have checked everywhere to find out what the issue is, on Tonymacx86 they give the setup for my PC and I adjusted the settings to match. Even if I do a graphics injector for fake ID it still has the black screen with mouse. I get a little feed on the top left corner of the screen, very little bubbles. I can hear the voiceover instructing the setup of Mac, but can not see anything. I don't know what else to try from here.?????
  4. I am working on an Dell OptiPlex 7010 i5 3570 4 core intel HD 4000 graphics, motherboard GXM1W. I don't know what series chipset I need to download to install on these installers. I don't know the intel series chipset. I have looked till my eyes hurt from reading so much. The better I have specs on what to download in the EFI fold then I'll be better off.
  5. Here is a link to the setup exe for AnyBurn. EXE file Setup link
  6. I have had success at installing the DMG file to USB using AnyBurn and it works and its free. I have tried it several times, sometimes it would fail to load part way in and no restarting the app changed anything but restarting the PC and trying again and it worked. It pops up at so may GBs and thanks you for using the program but its still running and will finish the burn. It will burn ISO files and IMG files, convert files.
  7. I have intel HD 4000 graphics card I have DisplayPort out rig to HDMI, that's plugged into a large flat screen tv. That screen I don't know the resolution to it. You think that I should get the wire that plugs into the DisplayPort and transfers that into the VGA monitor screen that I have? Do I need to have a special monitor for it too?
  8. OK, So I'm installing on an optiplex 7010 i5 3470 3.20GHz Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4 core motherboard "omnitx". Well I got it to do the install correctly I think but once it gets loaded it has the mouse pointer on the screen but the screen is black and sometimes gets a white bar accrossed the top. I can not keep up with the voiceover to get it setup with ehternet connection. The USB kexts worked. I just can't get past this black screen, I have tried several installs, several with different mac os to see if that was the issue. I'm using the HDMI from Displayport for video. What can I do to get the screen working right or getting ethernet hooked up so it will download the drivers needed.
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