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  1. I have managed to get Big Sur running on vanilla mode, in order to get 11.2, updating was not working at all from the Hackintosh Shop dmg installed version. I have used the latest Clover, Virtual SMC and the Big Sur micropatcher to create the usb installation. I have used this boot flag amfi_get_out_of_my_way=0x1 , a different variant then the one used into the downloaded dmg from Hackintosh Shop. But there is something I kept, I have extracted the Niresh extra kext from there, and still use it. I have looked into the downloads section and could not find it, or anywhere on the web. Could you, please, place it as a standalone download, since I assume it is update regularly, as any kext.
  2. Tried installing 11.1, I did all you said. It failed in the same way, a disk was listed as locked. Even the Recovery Partition got stuck into the same error, the a disk is blocked for write. Tried to boot with -s argument, the Recovery Partition failed, but the main installation was able to finish boot into -s mode, without GUI, with a warning that the root partition is read only. SSV was still enabled. I have reinstalled 11.01 and updated Clover. On Clover app was an option ”Make filesystem read-write”. Perhaps this is the key?
  3. Clover is already updated to 5129, on the installed OS. I need to download the iso of Clover 5129 and replace the files indicated from the iso to the installed Clover 5129? Did I got it right?
  4. Tired running the command to disable SSV, after booting the Recovery partition: csrutil authenticated-root disable . Several times. It does not work.
  5. Silent Knight reports the SIV is disabled, but SSV is not. Perhaps this what causes the issue at update?
  6. Today a new build of Clover was released. I have managed to get it installed. One thing changed: in the boot menu, now the recovery partition is visible, as an option. Previously was not. Yet, I do not venture to install the 11.1 update without at least some advice from the administrator of the forum.
  7. Hackintosh Shop releases depend on Apple publishing the sources on Apple Open Source? macOS 11.1 is not listed there yet.
  8. After many struggles, the Hackintosh Shop edition of Big Sur allowed me to install this OS I have been trying since November, when I bought a new system. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact specs of it, it is refurbished hardware from a shop I have always used to get hardware. The motherboard is Acer and has a CPU socket compatible with Intel i3, i5 and i7, uses on-board graphics, and that is about all I know about it. I could not find the ID in the UEFI menu and the I can not get its ID without removing it from the PC shell, a thing that I would not like to attempt, since the hardware has some limited warranty yet. The first issue was that the machine had the ethernet port broken and not wifi or bluetooth hardware. Catalina failed with any kext. I have installed Windows on it, even Windows did not see the ethernet hardware. So, I got an external ethernet adapter, to be placed in an USB port. Windows was able to connect, it tried to download the missing driver for the on-board ethernet port, but failed. I had put it aside for a while, until I have discovered that, on this community, a version for Big Sur was made available. I knew Hackintosh Zone was dead, but this seemed to be its successor, and the Niresh edition of Yosemite was my first real success with Hackintoshing. Anyways, I have managed to install and get Big Sur going on this hardware, with the external ethernet adapter. The on-board graphics does not support metal, so it runs without hardware acceleration. But that is totally fine for me, I do not need it at all, for what I run in macOS. I have managed to get sound working a few days after the first installation succes. There are still there main issues, all of them regarding updating: 1) I could not update Clover properly, using the official Clover app. It refused to install the Clover update. Updating Clover and Virtual SMC are important, since any future macOS update may brake the installation, without Clover and Virtual SMC. I am not familiar with OpenCore yet, I know many recommend it over Clover. 2) Gatekeeper seems un-updated, so far, although XProtect and MRT got updated. These are security functions that I would like all of them to work properly. 3) The update to 11.1 failed to install. I was able to download it but, after or during the install of it, on boot, the system gets stuck at „disk 4 is not writable” or something like that. SIP is disabled, so I can not make sense of it. Is Big Sur in this form updatable? Is there something I need to enable/disable, some boot arg? Perhaps my TP Link external ethernet adapter messing out into disk listing or something? Last, but not least, is there a new dmg on the way, with 11.1 or with 11.2 (since 11.2 update seems close)?
  9. I can copy-paste the kext in the EFi partition, but it seems I need to edit the config.plist . How shall I do that?
  10. I have managed to install Big Sur using the bistro from Hackintosh Community. My old machine became usable to Hackintosh, since the USB function was crashing. This new machine was build for me, but I do not know the specs. All I know is that I have an Acer motherboard and an Intel i3, with Intel onboard graphics. I have the same sound issue. How cam I install AppleALC kext? Is the same answer for me as well?
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