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  1. I run in mac and this is result: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/r2GHmm7djJ/
  2. Actually I downloaded EvoReboot from here and I installed by KextBeast. Now i can restart my Laptop but in shutdown my laptop still stuck and I have to press power button . What can I do about my wifi driver?
  3. Do you have EvoReboot.kext ? And how can i install kext?
  4. I haven’t erased my hard disk and i Press 2 and Mac run. 2 what's mean? It is run with Chameleon? One of my biggest problem is, When i restarted my laptop, It is not work and i have to turn off it by pressing turn of button!!! Or when laptop's monitor is turn off, It is not possible to make it to turn on again and i have to turn off it by pressing turn off button. Other problem is my wireless not detected and I can not connect to internet with wifi.
  5. I change Partition Map Schema into GUID Partition Table: https://pasteboard.co/Jw7auSU.jpg https://pasteboard.co/Jw7b59R.jpg And i select Clover Standard in installation time : https://pasteboard.co/Jw7bpTb.jpg When installation is completed, this time installation was complete and after 10 second my laptop restarted, But like as always, stuck in restarting and i had to turn off it by pressing turn of button. After turn on my laptop i got : https://pasteboard.co/Jw7hKLQ.jpg in boot menu and when i press enter i got this page : https://pasteboard.co/Jw7i9kz.jpg And after a few second my laptop turned off. Maybe I don't have a chance to installing MacOs on my Laptop.
  6. Ops, I changed https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IuFPJ6hO8lSFnmnUCQ731Jvz9tk5BQmC/view?usp=sharing
  7. This is my installation log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IuFPJ6hO8lSFnmnUCQ731Jvz9tk5BQmC/view?usp=sharing
  8. Thanks man , I am new and I don't know how can i attach Installer log to debug! Is any article or site to learn?
  9. In Driver or Laptop Driver there is no Kexts for wireless driver : https://pasteboard.co/JvKyA8M.jpg And in Chipset Drivers which one i have to select: https://pasteboard.co/JvKzt4S.jpg
  10. I downloaded Yosemite 10.10.1 and made boot my usb by Trans Mac.After booting my laptop in installation section i just change boot loader to clover standard instead of Chameleon standard and selected enable default NVIDIA driver : https://pasteboard.co/JvIWwHQ.jpg All of the configs is default. After 16 min installation finished not successfully : https://pasteboard.co/JvJ5CH7.jpg But after selecting restart my laptop not restarted itself and i have to restart physically. After physically restart , Clover boot is started: https://pasteboard.co/JvJa4bg.jpg But i can't anything to continue and my mouse not working. I booted my laptop by USB and fresh installed again. In install configuration i accept all default this time. After finishing instalation, I got again not successfully https://pasteboard.co/JvJ5CH7.jpg But again restart not work and i had to restart physically. After physically restart , mac start and seems everything is ok. But still I can't shutdown or restart laptop by OS,because stuck on black screen and i have to restart physically!! How can i fix this? And Why clover standard not working ? And Why at the end of installation time, I got not successfully?
  11. Thanks for helping. It is possible to install "Catalina" on my laptop?Or i can just install Yosemite? In any case i am trying to download Yosemite 10.10.1 ISO.zip.
  12. I have live linux and run my paptop with it. This is result of lspci -nn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jd3m4nv2RT/
  13. I finally could boot my laptop by usb by Clover bootloader, but after selecting boot macos from hackintosh zone : https://pasteboard.co/JvAzEyO.jpg Noting is appeare on LCD and just black. Where i have to run lspci -nn ? where is terminal ? I have no OS on my laptop.
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