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  1. Heya Hackintoshers. I need an advice on some cheap WiFi cards compatible with Hackintosh that could work great on my Elitebook 8470p .. I think its classic PCI-E port (I have a Centrino 6405 which is not compatible with MacOS apparently right now..) + I have a huge freeze that happens randomly. It freezes screen & mouse and only way to control the computer back is to reboot. Do you know what is happening when it does this ? Maybe its a kext that crashes idk... I don't have VirtualSMC, but FakeSMC (I say that because VirtualSMC causes the problem apparently.) System is pretty stock from the version you have, I only installed Graphics Kexts, but it was happening before, i thought it was a graphic issue but apparently its not because it still does. Thanks in advance.
  2. It's an Intel Centrino 6405 WiFi card. Apparently not compatible with Hackintosh. I'll buy one. The Dell thingy I think. But I still have another problem tho, I'll open a 3rd topic haha Thanks though!
  3. I managed to inject the device id and everything needed with Clover Configurator! Now the only thing I need to get to work is WiFi.
  4. Installed both. Mac detects Intel HD 4000 graphics but it stays at 3vRam. how do i find this info ? Do i have to open the laptop and find the network adapter ?
  5. Hi. I finally booted on Mojave. Laptop keyboard and mousepad works. I can't get WiFi and GPU to work correctly. It shows only 3Vram and Wifi isn't detected at all. I have an Elitebook 8470p. Intel HD 4000 as iGPU. I don't know my WiFi card tho
  6. Okay I finally booted. I need to get the right kext for GPU, because I only get 3VRam and I don't have wifi.. I downloaded AirportBrcmFixup AppleIntelKBLGraphicsFrameBufferInjector_3e9x, BroadcomWiFiInjector.kext,Whatevergreen.kext I put them into the extensions folder, rebooted. Nothing happens tho. Thanks!
  7. Can't untick the case, clicked on it, nothing happens, it stays ticked.. I had to wire a keyboard and a USB mouse as well!
  8. It happened after the install. So do i need to reinstall it clean or can I just use terminal to remove it?
  9. Heya! Kinda N00b into all this Hackintosh thing. Installed my Mojave via your distro. But my laptop keeps rebooting after the hackintosh bootloader. I have an Elitebook 8470p, i5 3320m, Intel HD 4000,500go SSD and 16GB ram. I give you a pic of what goes on before the black screen reboot as a reply. Thanks!
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