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  1. So should I download the nvram.plist then? Or what do you think I should do? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yea I’m not seeing it at all I should probably download it then or make it through clover configurator I’m guessing?
  3. Here’s all my .efi files in my clover https://postimg.cc/gallery/QKCfHhc
  4. I see nvmexpressdxe.efi but not the nvram.plist when I open the plists in the clover configurator and under nvram emulation it’s unchecked and force mount esp is Not selected
  5. I added that boot flag and have whatevergreen and still get the acpi error and still boots up magnified display on the computer I also noticed when trying to update clover itself it won’t let me with the clover configurator it says it don’t see it but you already said my clover is fine for this version of Mac so that should be good
  6. Ok just wanted to be sure and I have a .asl and .dsl file under my patched for my efi https://postimg.cc/gXDm8W9s
  7. In the intel uhd 620 plist from rehabman it’s saying it’s a MacBook Air so should be good there
  8. The seccond one boots up to blank screen and just sits there with keyboard light on
  9. Ok it booted up with the first set on intel uhd rehabman but it’s still magnified and says it is still saying 3mb on my graphics card I put it all the way to 512mb in my bios because that’s the Max it’s also saying my laptop is a iMac if that helps
  10. Ok I’ll try those on the plist you gave or the intel uhd from rehabman? thanks for the help
  11. This is what I get with inject with no changes to platform Id using rehabman plist for intel uhd 620 https://postimg.cc/LqPQ3bG8 If I change the platform Id it boots up magnified with the one you gave me it panics and restarts with the 0x16 it boots up but magnified has acpi error
  12. Under my kext folder I have other and 10.15 should I just put all the kext in the “other” folder instead of “10.15” and for the platform Id do you I change the id while using the uhd 620 plist from the options during boot up or go in and change it using clover configurator?
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