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  1. Hi, i know this is a very old system but, i installed sucessfully os x lion in my laptop with a amd processor (e-300), 2 gb of ram and a 500gb sata hard drive (specifically this laptop model - toshiba satellite c845d). all was just fine, the system worked very well and not laggy, with sound and all. but I decided to install the update from apple official website. okay i just installed it and restarted my hackintosh laptop, but when i boot into the system i get a glitched and corrupt display, i already used some bootflags, one time i used "arch=x86_64" and that worked, but the system was not loading getting stuck at the apple logo. can someone help me? i think is a problem because i installed the update, but I want to know if there is anything I can do. i guess that all i can do is reinstalling the system. the distribution what im using is niresh. im sorry for my bad english. here is a image. when i boot in verbose mode i cant see anything that would causing the problem all help is welcome, thanks.
  2. hello, I have made a bootable usb from macos high sierra, the problem is when I boot from it, this text appears and it does not advance. any solution?
  3. Hello, Yes, Windows 10 is installed on UEFI, and i checked that my motherboard supports uefi booting.
  4. hello, I want to ask something, will it be possible to install macOS Mojave in a laptop with the next especifications: cpu: intel pentium silver n5000 1.1ghz x4 motherboard: GLK Bulbasaur_GL 4gb of ram ddr4 and a integrated gpu intel uhd graphics 620. i wait a answer, thanks for this incredible page.
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