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  1. How to get on board net and audio working can't understand opencore configurator.
  2. Big Sur worked but no Vmware at all, 12 required -10 mite work ryzentosh. Plus no Crossover at all. I have to try mojave again.
    Tried mojave more than three times. tried this once and Yes it worked, very good Big Sur with AMD support. i would like to turn off -v verbose tried and it got worst. i got open core config. dont know how to install on board ALC1220-VB, applealc kext or Intel® GbE LAN chip, IntelMauseEthernet.kext. but yes Sleep working, all usb working you people are great! I'm sure to give a donation. and buy usb add-ons. instead of fooling with it. Thanks again
  3. Ops Sorry you you get another chance to change location! by the next screen my bad.
  4. Hello I made to the install macOS Big Sur introduction, read me, license, and it skips Destination Select, to installation Type.
  5. Thank you for your help, i tried all. 2 times. Windows 10 works on machine. both xfx 570 and msi rx 580 video cards works, mojave hp z620. I would donate or pay for a working setup disk img and bios uefi setup guide. I noticed all the success with your distro, its been a week no sleep. Thanks in advance
  6. GIGABYTE X470 Aorus Ultra gaming didnt work at all stops here. I need a guide, I'm not so smart to this tried all three from mojave amd to big sur with amd support. Also very good youtube guides. and i get the same thing. I would like a Mojave guide for this setup, GIGABYTE X470 Aorus Ultra gaming, ryzen 7 2700x, msi rx 580. I thought this was a popular.setup.
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