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  1. Hi all Just got back and installalled a 1TB HD and WOW !!!! a full installation macOS Catalina up to the next issue , no WIFI and no LAN but my compliments to Hackintosher !!! grtz Jiz
  2. Hi Tharthar2, thanks for the reply, indeed could be a security feature from Apple , so I will setup a bigger disk (>256Gb) and give it another try (after the holidays, let you know how it worked out) grtz jiz
  3. Hi applied the date command, only don't have the possibility for the APFS format link format
  4. Ok I add a bigger one to it (250Gb) unfortenally got the same error message link with latest log file
  5. Hi Hackinstosher, With the terminal I adjusted the date ( -bash-3.2# date 07240019 Wed Jul 24 00:00:00 UTC2019 -bash-3.2#) After a longer while then before received the error message An error occured while running scripts from the package "Osinstall.postscript.pkg) restart Included the latest log file logfile Looking forward for the next step, as always big thanks Jiz
  6. Hi Hackinstosher, Found anything on the log files ?
  7. Morning, Installer log Hope you find something , which I can fix anyhow thanks for the support
  8. Hi Hackinstosher, Thanks for the help and sorry for the delay, can't find how to attach the log file and it's too big to put it in here, so please let me know how I can send it to you Cheers Jiz
  9. Hi, Got the image with trasmac on my usb-stick, is also booting up and I can select a disk to put the Naresh-image on .During the transfer it's stopping by OSinstall.postscript.pkg and can't continue installing , thonly possibilitie is to do a restart but then it's stopping again on the same file (OSinstall.postscript.pkg) tried to do the whole setup again with a different USB stick (reformatting,reinstalling) but got the same error and it's stopping again at the file transfer OSinstall.postscript.pkg Any ideas ? thans for the support grtz Jiz
  10. Hi Hackintosher, Thanks for the reply , succeeded with a 64 Gb USB stick ,up to the next step 🙂 grtz Jiz
  11. Hi, Have a 16 Gb kingston usb , formatted the usb with the program TransMac as desicribed in the installation guide, that works fine. After formatting I want to restore the Niresh-Catalina.dmg size about 9Gb . Get the error message from TransMac that the USB disk 14 GB is to small ??? Any ideas ? Thanks for your support ! grtz Jiz
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