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  1. EDIT : I know my PC is compatible, c'os I've managed to install "Big Sur" in VirtualBox on Windows 10 .
  2. I’ve managed to reach the Catalina ”pre-boot” stage, but now I’m facing some issues concerning voodoops2mouse . My desktop’s just been hanging there for about an hour with no indication of hard disk - activity . Specs : MSI Z390 A-Pro Coffee Lake i3 WD 320Gb SATA Drive MSI GT 710 - Zergei -
  3. Now it nags about MediaToolBox.Framework Error = 2 : No such file or directory .
  4. got a big further . but not yet quite there . more photos uploaded .
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/home/HACK STUFF The Photos are quite cluttered, c'os my trembling hands . ():
  6. OK ... The PC now boots from the USB -Stick, but now I'm stuck at ... device is write locked. Daemon (Kernelmanagerd) stall[0], (240s): 'X86PlatformPlugin' Daemon (Kernelmanagerd) stall[1], (240s): 'X86PlatformPlugin'
  7. I know this is the area for Big Sur - support and I guess it's too early to complain about Monterey - issues, but any way ... I've created the USB installer for both Big Sur and Monterey also . I've used gibMacOS, Unibeast and Restore Monterey.pkg . The USB - creation part did complete successfully, though it took a very long time . Now, as I try to start the install process by selecting the USB - Disk as the boot drive in BIOS "Boot Popup" - menu nothing happens ; it just stays on there and the only bootable option, that works is Windows Boot Manager (Windows 10 - on a Kingston SSD) . My Hackintosh -Specs : MSI Z390A-Pro Intel Core i3-9100F LGA1151 16GB RAM MSI GT 710 2GD3H LP GeForce GT710 2048 Mt DDR3 PCI Express x16 The Drive I'm going to install OS X is a Western Digital WD320 SATA - Drive . The BIOS - Options are set "correctly" as described on web-searches based on my build / config . Some Guidance here ... Thank You, Zergei
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