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  1. can anyone yell me how I was able to get my computer 2009 say in about it was a 6.1 (mid 2012) and nade ny computer boot clover after I removed the clover it disappeared so it was in clover I guess but I didn't remember running clover install on my drive one of catalina patches did this I'm pretty sure but I dont know which or how it happenef when I was trying to make a bootable usb. I still haven'y got Catalina to install on my Mac I'm going to try on a different machine with a different manufacturer of gtx 770 I actually have three they fool mojavr in high sierra it will install with my hardware but a booted mojavr will not so my card may be problem actually mojave ent in after i pyt older card back in for install it dint hang like it did before so a different card mayne answer gere also Doesn't anyone help anyone in here> especially brand new members is this how they are treated the silent treatment? funny kind o forum you run here...
  2. --I've made alot of progress, I have a real mystery on my hands, but first I'm able to boot all the way into catalina now using both diskmaker x and the patch but can't install all drives are greyed out I made an AFS partition and I have regular hfs extended journaled but all drives continue to be greyed out. Te mystery and its riving me crazy is sone patch or program has my about on my 2009 machine saying it was 6.1 (mid 2012) and also was booting clover from my hard drive I did it accidently it disappeared when I deleted the files on my efi partition so it would boot directly to mojave again now its back to saying 5.1 early 2009 and I'd really like to get it back and try install catalina again. I tried using Multibeast for Mojave and I installed clover changed to 6.1 and build but it did not boot clover so did not install the way it was. Can anyone tell me how to change my about back to 2012 and make it back to mid 2012 then maybe Catalina will finally install +
  3. No Im correct the restore program does not make a bootable niresh disk I even hit it with multibeast clover install and it still doesn't show up in startup disks I really am surprised and disappointed that this Niresh disk is not bookable its pretty useless as it is Diskmaker x does a much better job so does catalina patcher they actually make bookable usb drives
  4. ok I'm a little embarassed but I figured out why all the bootable usb sticks I've been making aren't booting its because I was trying to boot from my usb 3.0 ports whicvh are in pcie slot and I thought was 100% compatible but it doesn't boot my usb pendrives it even showed up in startup disk (not the Niresh though) andAS SOON AS I PUT THE DRIVE IN A 2.0 SLOT IT BOOTS ALTHOUGH I HAVENT TRIED NIRESH YET I'M MAKING ANOTHER NOW ALTHOUGH I THINK THEE MAY STILL BE A PROBLEM SINCE IT DOESN'T SHOW IN STARTUP DISKS BUT FINGERS CROSSED ILL TRY IT MAYBE THATS WHY IT WAS FREEZING AT 100% TOO BUT THAT REMAINS TO BE SEEN
  5. I've used many Niresh packages before but have never seen one that did not BOOT I used your restore program and it still does not boot! I had to boot from another usb I made with diskmaker x and then it just hangs at 100% and I posted here couple days ago and nobody has answered my post... I read your guide which says the restore will make a bootable usb which it does not function as advertised and I'm really surprised I've NEVER had a problem with a NIRESH release before,,, I'm going to try it again on my Intel Hackintosh machine but I seriously doubt it will boot there either and I'm using a real Mac Pro here and cant get it to fully load to install from
  6. It fails to find the file to download so doesn't work anymore file was delete from server apparently or the link was bad to begin with been looking all over for nvidia drivers for mojave my gtx 770 has only two resoloutions at present but works pretty well but id like to get nvidia injected so I can see beginning of boot sequence without having to switch tv to vga input and then to hdmi when it becomes garbled screen (in vga its all screwed up only working two resoloutions 720 and 1028 in hdmi and apple is invisible except on vga screen but its not a big deal i suppose
  7. I've been at this a pretty long time and hust found your lovely site but i tried both the restore app with niresh after failingin disk utility and it does not boot it doesnt show up on start disk nor when i boot with alt key bootmanager I also tried unibeast with reg catalina file and agaim does not boot so I'm at a loss i tried the catalina patcher which boots but hangs at 100% on apple screen and Unibeast drive also did not boot which has never happened to me before I'm going to try another drive just in case its the pen drive
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