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  1. i have an hp laptop (linked here:https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-envy-m6-w100-x360-convertible-pc/8499296/model/8901594/document/c04791387) the setup process went ok it failed once but worked the second time. the second time i did it i ran it from the hdd its self on a separte partition from the install location. i also could boot into the recovery partition itself so i know that the install went thru with no problems. but anyways around the 70/75% area in verbose mode it says "attempting system restart" then it restarts is this kernal panic? ive also had high sierra on the laptop before but has unsuccessful with that version and moved on to trying mojave. is it because i have legacy mode enabled? also with the wifi/ethernet does ethernet work with my laptop as i want to be able to my laptop to game without having to be dropped out of my game as i have to use my phones hotspot and connecting to my hotspot with bluetooth or plugging my phone into a usb port. thanks. p.s. anyone known the best ram to get for a laptop like mine?
  2. Ok so i need some advice/help with my boot drive as it stopped showing up when using clover bootloader that is installed during setup but it shows up in botht the usb that i used for the install and the legacy bootloader. ive already tried to reinstall but i dont want to format my whole drive as i still want a somewhat fuctioning windows install on the drive as i know ill will probably switch back. i get this error when i try to do anything to my boot drive (format,erase,partition,etc...)"MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation." the last thing i did was install a ethernet driver and reboot i tried everything.also how can i boot into the recovery partition? anyways i really appreciate any advice to fix this also if you guys need my laptops spects ill gladly post them here. thx
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