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  1. Okay so the thing is you can use the image file, just make sure you use your own efi. Did you try using the efi I have booted from?
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    Asus Vivobook X509FA-EJ311TS Specs - Intel i3-10110u Ram- 12GB ddr4 Graphics- Intel UHD (UHD630/620) Netac 256gb ssd. WIFI and sound working This efi should boot the same or similar specs laptop into Monterey and probably Big sur , Power managment is not working well do tweak accordingly
  3. Send me a gpu z screenshot and did u put nvme fix kext in ur efi folder?
  4. Ok so I got my laptop to boot , on catalina and monterey . But mine was not ice lake after I checked in cpu - z mine was comet lake 10110u So how did I get mine to boot. A lot of trial and error and following dortania's and feartech from t***mac guide I will send you post link where you can see my progress and from what i know the G1 in your processor name is the gpu and that is causing issue, also can you let me know if there is an nvme in your laptop My Monterey success
  5. Hello, i am new to hackintosh but i ran high sierra to catalina perfectly using hackintosh shop's dmg but big sur just wouldn't work Steps I've tried to install big Sur 1. Made a bootable pd from transmac 2. Installed efi folder in bootloader partition 3. Ran the installer and formatted the drive to apsf under guid And after all this.. it fails after atleast 12 gb is installed on the hard disk.. extra steps that ive taken is Changed date, kept moving mouse, tried different efi folder, tried different hard disks Here's my pc configuration I5 4590 16 GB ddr3 Atleast 3 different sata hdds Gt 1030 and/or intel hd 4500 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bfFR3XoP5wbYGv2W1WGjGfPHjZAYM1OR/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. why doesnt anyone help in this forum, im going through exact same problem
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