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  1. Hello my friend! I did exactly what you suggested but fails again ☹ Do i need a special EFi (config.plist) ? PHOTO1 PHOTO2
  2. Here is the link for main log installer : MAIN LOG Here is the link for pre-installer (before disk utility) : PRE LOG
  3. yes i know i tried without wifi, same thing, hungs! but the funny thing is that connected to internet!!
  4. Yes mouse , caps lock key etc all working for about 1 hour. Percentage bar all the time was at this position. After an hour all frozen and need to hard restart the system. As you can see at the top right corner Big Sur setup recognize my laptop wifi and i connected to internet!
  5. Hello ! Using this EFI folder OpenCore-Hackintosh-Dell-G3-3579-master https://github.com/tonyleelyy/OpenCore-Hackintosh-Dell-G3-3579 i can go on to disk util, format APFS, next... but install fails and stay there long time 1 hour++ on screen RUNNING PACKAGE SCRIPTS... and laptop needs to shutdown. PHOTO1 PHOTO2
  6. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad L590 (R0ZET35W). https://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_L590/ThinkPad_L590_Spec.pdf I am trying to install Big Sur but no luck. I used this distro : https://www.hackintoshshop.com/2810/hackintosh-big-sur-guide/ and EFI COFFEELAKE WHISKEYLAKE bootlader (EFI Folder) The laptop boots from USB shows me 10-20 lines bootstrap code and then shutdown. I tried also various EFI (config.plist) with clover or opencore, all failed and some shows error LOG:EXITBS:START. I think the problem is the recognize of M2 NVME or i need a special DSDT patch. Please help.
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