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  1. There is a second config available in Clover Menu, Select it and then boot the Installer.
  2. How did you name the Installation Volume? Can you attach the Install log?
  3. You can manually replace the files by downloading the ISO Clover image. Also clover had some massive changes after it moved to Open Core for base. You need to verify the Config.plist Changes.
  4. You can Install Hackintosh. HD5500 is supported by Hackintosh.
  5. Try Installing Mavericks or Yosemite. To boot with Clover legacy you must keep pressing number 6, While booting from USB. Also here is the Legacy BIOS Setting for Hackintosh
  6. Asus K55A will work with Hackintosh. Because HD 4000 is natively supported. Some people claimed 7570M works on a Hackintosh, You should try it to see if this true.
  7. QuickTime X is built in with Catalina, The error could be because you might be trying to Install an older version of FCP.
  8. The changes that you made in BIOS Could make it unable to boot into Windows, Try to Enable CSM in BIOS.
  9. I think you should probably fake CPUID with Clover, There is an option in Clover's Option menu
  10. You must run this on the same Pc where you wanna run Hackintosh
  11. Is white screen issue happening after Installation or Before Installation?
  12. Yes pressing 2 loads Chameleon, If you have Installed Chameleon on EFI Partition. Install EvoReboot.kext it might Fix restart issue.
  13. Reinstall, Select Backup Graphics Extensions while Installing. To replace Graphics Extensions you must use the command. sudo grafix replace all
  14. Your graphics card is not being detected or Graphics Injection is not working. Try to boot with -radvesa bootflag
  15. Keep pressing number 6, it could load Clover bootloader Instead of Chameleon.
  16. Actually i have no experience with Virtual Box. UEFI shell is being activated as it fails to load the uefi boot loader. Check boot settings of the VirtualMachine, Make it fully UEFI, Disable any legacy options.
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