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  1. You can upload it in Google drive or somewhere and post a link here.
  2. "ApplePS2Controller: Notification Consumer published : apple ps2 mouse" That is not an issue. Your Graphics MX 250 is not supported by Hackintosh, you must disable it from BIOS.
  3. You should update the bootloader before updating to 10.15.5
  4. We have covered an article on topic How to Fix End Randomseed Hackintosh?
  5. No It is not Possible Hackintosh Catalina Installer only Supports UEFI BIOS.
  6. Do you mean the Intel HD Graphics? No, There are some work arounds to make it work upto Mavericks. Check 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI
  7. Actually it was not possible to Install macOS on an External drive due to macOS Permissions issues. GTX 1060 is supported by Hackintosh High Sierra only, Apple dropped nVidia support on later OS. If possible try to Install macOS High Sierra on a dedicated hard disk.
  8. Have you tried VooDooPS2 Kexts? You must remove the VoodooI2C Kexts before Installing VooDooPS2 Kexts
  9. Can you try to create a Clover bootable USB by Using BD Utility and try to boot Clover from that USB, then you can plug the Catalina Installer.
  10. Instead of Installing the Kexts into /Library/Extensions Try to Install them into EFI Partition.
  11. After the reboot you must select the preboot partition from the Bootloader, Sometimes it may show texts like Install macOS from "Volume Name". After selecting installation will continue. You can download the 10.15.6 combo update Which you can Install without trouble.
  12. Catalina only support UEFI Booting, Did you apply UEFI Settings correctly?
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