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Download Mounty for Mac NTFS

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Mounty is a Free NTFS Enabler Application for macOS which mounts NTFS as writeable in macOS.



  • Easy: A menu icon; You will be notified if there is any volume connected to the computer which is NTFS formatted and ready to re-mount in read-write mode.
  • Light: A simple design; Mounty for NTFS comes without any decorations. No additional driver will be installed. It simply makes use of the build-in mechanisms already provided by Mac OS X Mavericks - no strings attached.





Volume not re-mountable.

Volume Not Mountable.png

This can happen when the USB stick is not cleanly unmounted from the Windows PC. If you simply unplug the USB stick from PC without using the little tray icon to detach the hardware correctly, the volume will be marked as "not cleanly unmounted". There might be some dirty sectors left and macOS will not be able to re-mount in read-write mode for that reason.


Suddenly all my files disappeared.

This is usually happen when not all files are written properly due to an unmount operation not finishing. The NTFS partition might be marked as "dirty" and the Apple NTFS driver cannot recover from that situation. Mounty will not delete anything by itself, please try to restore your files on a Windows PC using usual recovery softwares, i.e. chkdsk command line utility.


Sometimes the files are grayed out and cannot be modified anymore.

This is because the file has extended attributes, refer to the Manpage of xattr for further explanation. If you open the file path in terminal application, you can list the attributes with ls [email protected] <filename>, and remove those attributes with xattr -d com-apple.<attribute> <filename>, i.e.: xattr -d com.apple.FinderInfo testfile.txt


Unable to re-mount in read/write mode when trying to mount Windows 10 partition

If you try to mount a Windows System partition, Mounty might fail when Hibernation feature is enabled. There is a Fast Start feature in Windows which might be enabled by default, and this is causing the drive to be locked. Within Windows running, you need to run the command powercfg /hibernate off in an admin powershell and restart Windows to disable this feature and remove the lock to enable it for Mounty.



Change log of Mounty for NTFS

#### Version 1.9
- bug fix for crash when Volume does not contain UUID (e.g. MBR Disk)
	- Note: Old Devices which does not contain UUID cannot tracked for auto-mount
- Russian Credis Page added (again, thanks to Anton)

#### Version 1.8
- new feature "Automount"
	- You can mark a volume as "automount" and no notification will be sent, it will be mounted automatically
- fixed equal volume name bug
- added / updated localizations (Russian added - thanks to Anton, Chinese edited - thanks to Barry)
- cleanup and improvements for using either UUID or BSDdeviceNode for identifying volme

#### Version 1.7
### Localization updates and new ones:
- Portuguese (thanks to Carlos)
- Chinese corrections, thanks to Barry
- new Chinese Traditional, thanks to Barry
- Brazilian (thanks to Bruno)
- Spanish (thanks to Daniel)
- Korean (thanks to Kim Jinbong)

As far as I have tested, this version runs perfectly on Mac OS High Sierra.

#### Version 1.6
### Localizations Updates:
- thanks to the community, bunch of corrections were made to improve the Google translations of
	- Chiniese (thanks to Gerald and Yang)
	- Italian (thanks to Emanuelle and Helmo)
	- French (thanks to Dominique)
- new: Dutch (thanks to Ferdi)
- Fixed a bug with help window, which is now on top of open window stack

#### Version 1.5
- Localizations (incomplete and made by Google. If you want to contribute, please download the Localization String File, correct it, and send new version to me).

#### Version 1.4
- Fixed compatibility bug for macOS 10.12.5, thanks to Apple Engineering for help
- Introduced new state 'Mounty is operating ...'
	- when a re-mount of a big partition takes longer time this will prevent user from issuing re-mount again

#### Version 1.3
- Smaller Tray Icon
- Fixed some possible memory leaks
- Added modal alert when drive has spaces in names:
	-  I am using DADiskMountWithArguments API from Disk Arbitration framework and when there are spaces in volume name the remount action will fail with unknown error. I you have an ideas how to solve it, please let me know

#### Version 1.1
The Appstore Sandbox restrictions does not allow sandboxed apps to re-mount external volumes. We have rejected Mounty from Mac Appstore for that reason and decided to distribute it for free now, without Sandbox capability.

Mounty uses Apple's Notification Center to issue notification whenever a NTFS volume to re-mount is detected. If you want to re-mount a volume from a notification please change the alert style to "Alert" for Mounty from Notification Center Settings in System Settings application.


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Download Mounty for Mac NTFS

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