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  3. me puedes ayudar el problema es que se queda en la manzana cuando intento instalar que puedo hacer?
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  5. Umm.. When to apply this? Thank you in advanced!
  6. the board has an ami style bios and all. I did get niresh on a usb stick but when I boot it all it does is bring up the blinking line and stays there.
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  8. There is a second config available in Clover Menu, Select it and then boot the Installer.
  9. How did you name the Installation Volume? Can you attach the Install log?
  10. Hi, Is there any way to make the Gigabyte GeForce 210 1024 MB fully working on macOS Catalina? In the overview window under About this Mac, the system can "see" the graphic card as written above, but still I am not getting the right picture. Thank you for helping! Best regards, Mickey
  11. while i starting the installion i keep got " an error occurred while running scripts from the package dart0.pkg " i unchecked the all zero KB in customize before the install .. installion done then i reboot from the USB drive to the select the mac partition .. it keep loading the lines then black screen & nothing happened after that. so could you please advice. Thanks, MT
  12. Enabling CSM, then booting into windows gives me the error “An operating system wasn’t found, try disconnecting any drives that don’t contain an operating system”.
  13. https://cdn1.bbcode0.com/uploads/2020/10/23/3aabbbfc796bf6796e3f9f89318b8654-full.jpg https://cdn1.bbcode0.com/uploads/2020/10/23/49c2fa749859dc642702021f8fa44ddd-full.jpg Some pictures of the code Thank you :)
  14. Hello I have the same problem and I need the fix fast please I need to work on Mac
  15. You can manually replace the files by downloading the ISO Clover image. Also clover had some massive changes after it moved to Open Core for base. You need to verify the Config.plist Changes.
  16. You can Install Hackintosh. HD5500 is supported by Hackintosh.
  17. Try Installing Mavericks or Yosemite. To boot with Clover legacy you must keep pressing number 6, While booting from USB. Also here is the Legacy BIOS Setting for Hackintosh
  18. Asus K55A will work with Hackintosh. Because HD 4000 is natively supported. Some people claimed 7570M works on a Hackintosh, You should try it to see if this true.
  19. QuickTime X is built in with Catalina, The error could be because you might be trying to Install an older version of FCP.
  20. The changes that you made in BIOS Could make it unable to boot into Windows, Try to Enable CSM in BIOS.
  21. I think you should probably fake CPUID with Clover, There is an option in Clover's Option menu
  22. Hi, I have a problem with installing High Sierra on a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop with i5-4210H 8GB GTX960M The problem is that after installing and restarting I get an AppleACPICPU Processor Id = 0 LocalApicId = 0 Enabled Error in the attachment
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