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  1. Yesterday
  2. Got a step further, after a shut down. The new drive was found and the installer is running. After 20min I got a macOS colorwheel cursor. Will keep waiting!
  3. Good evening, in advance thank you for any advice. I got the usb drive to work and was able to boot into the macOS installer of Big Sur. I succes fully formatted my Samsung SSD 970 EVO (GUID - APFS). And pressed on "Install macOS Big Sur". The "Install macOS Big Sur - HackintoshShop.com" opened and I went to the motions. "Destination Select" was automatically skipped and "Install Type" => "Install Bootloader" was selected. I pressed install and with 25 seconds I got the message "The Installation Failed, the installer encountered an error....." My setup: CPU: Intel i9 9900K MB: ASUS ROG Maximus XI (Z390) GPU: MSI VEGA 56
  4. Ok so i need some advice/help with my boot drive as it stopped showing up when using clover bootloader that is installed during setup but it shows up in botht the usb that i used for the install and the legacy bootloader. ive already tried to reinstall but i dont want to format my whole drive as i still want a somewhat fuctioning windows install on the drive as i know ill will probably switch back. i get this error when i try to do anything to my boot drive (format,erase,partition,etc...)"MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation." the last thing i did was install a ethernet driver and reboot i tried everything.also how can i boot into the recovery partition? anyways i really appreciate any advice to fix this also if you guys need my laptops spects ill gladly post them here. thx
  5. Processor: Intel 10th Gen i9 10900K Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590 Vision D Graphics: Nvidia GT 730 Gigabyte Nvme 512 Ram G Skill 16x2 Please Help
  6. Last week
  7. Hello, I'm trying to install macOS Big sur on my Acer laptop with Intel I5-4200u (Aspire E15 E5-573g-58JB) but it's stuck on these lines when I'm tring to boot the installer -ACPI Warning: GPE _L00 has no implementation -IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:103 Here is my EFI folder : https://we.tl/t-AKrVztEt8F Thanks ^^
  8. I found what was the problem (at least for me) I installed the system to a Macos Extended Journaled drive instead of an APFS formatted drive.
  9. PC Configuration Motherboard: Gigabyte H510m h Processor: Intel i5 10400 SSD: NVMe HP SSD EX900 120GB Graphic : Intel UHD 630, RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Monitor: HP 22 inch Screenshot
  10. My hardware components are: GA-B150-HD3P + Intel i3 6100 + 8GB DDR 2400 RAM. Drive is 500 GBhitachi. Downloaded the intel 100 & 200 series bootloaders. I can't get OpenCore to show the install GUI at all, gets stuck with some Lilu message in the command line. Made the CFG-Lock mod, but didn't seem to change anything. Clover works fine out of the box, up untill starting to install the OS. Then it always gets stuck at "Running package scripts". Once it prompted an install fail, another time it just froze. Is there any known config modification to get things up and running? What kind of further details should I provide, to receive support for the install process?
  11. Hi friends, Thanks to your wonderful forum, I have been able to install Mac OS Mojave 10.14.0 on my Sony VAIO SVF15212SN on a 512 GB SSD with Windows 10 Home SL on same SSD using Clover. Just day before I was able to successfully enable Intel HD Graphics by using "Inject Intel","Reset HDA", "ig-platform-id=0x016600003" in Graphics section of Clover Configurator. Also, in Devices section, I used "IntelGFX" value as "0x01668086". This laptop has onboard Intel HD Graphics, Intel HD Audio alongside Realtek ALC885. While trying to enable Audio on this laptop I used Layout ID = 12 from the information provided using the below page on another forum. This has an informative list of Layout IDs which can be used in Clover. https://noobsplanet.com/index.php?threads/applealc-supported-codecs-for-hackintosh.329/ Need help with the following issues I am facing - No Wifi: This has Broadcom BCM43142A0 wifi Half Mini Card. I understand that currently this is not supported. I have LAN enabled on my laptop so this is not a show stopper as of now. No Sound - I am still experimenting with different Layout IDs. Any idea on how I can fix Sound as I desperately need this on my laptop. macOS Install Mountpoint - I tried to take updates as I wanted to install Multibeast which requires 10.14.6 but this resulted in the mentioned mount point which doesn't quit or install any updates on my laptop. How to resolve this update or remove this. Or maybe something else I can do to install Multibeast. Hiding A Few Clover Boot Options - Tried to use GUID to hide this partition but since the GUID is same for this mount point, Main Install, Recovery, and Preboot FileVault, all of these options were hidden. How to hide mount points or partitions I do not want generally ? If you need any information from my side, please do instruct me to respond with it so that we can resolve these issue. Any help would be great ! Thanks in advance, Regards, David
  12. Processor : 10th gen i5 10400 Motherboard : MSI Inbuilt Graphics. I have customized EFI provided by hackintosh. And successfully passed through all the matrix writings. When I click on BigSur installer, it says following error - "An error occurred while launching the requested application." I have downloaded Monetereo Beta Hackintosh installer, it started installing but in between it says "Installer is damaged."
  13. Mine is a 4th gen. desktop PC. I can't find Clover EFI config and Clover EFI Bootloader file for using in my macOS Monterey USB installer. Here are my PC specs-- CPU - intel core i5-4440 4th gen (Codename Haswell) Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PV (rev. 2.0) Motherboard BIOS version - FC RAM - 8GB IGPU - Intel HD 4600 (I don't have any external GPUs) Please can you give me my requested files?
  14. This error can also occur if you have added any special symbol or space when you rename your hard disk. Make sure while formatting the hard disk you provide any simple name like macOS and not Hello's Mac this will throw error
  15. Hi, how to install avita Liber V on MacOS Monterey 12 Intel Core i5 10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz Codename : Comet Lake-U/Y Intel UHD Graphics RAM:8GB SSD:250GM Manufacturer AVITA Model 038-6H14CFWC86 (U3E1) Version V3.0 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Comet Lake Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter
  16. Didn't work for me. After many google still could't find any solution
  17. So, I used your Mojave tutorial, but the vanilla one didn't work on my PC. I had to use OpenCore, and I got as far as about 70/75 percent. Then it displayed the "circle cross" symbol. I have attached my EFI folder link here. Please help! I couldn't find a fix. - WindowsBammer
  18. Laptop: HP Notebook 15s-du0xxx Graphics Card: Intel UHD 620 (integrated) Processor: Intel i3-8145U (Kaby Lake) Motherboard: HP
  19. Hey, I am using a HP laptop with Intel i3-8145U. I downloaded the torrent dmg file of Niresh Catalina from community.hackintoshshop.com and used Rufus to mount it on my Sandisk Cruzer Blade pendrive of 16gb. But while booting, i get the same error again and again- ApplePS2 Controller: Notifications Published: Apple PS2 Controller. What to do now? Here's the snapshot...
  20. Hello. someone please help me install on macOS big Sur on the Dell latitude 3510 I try every think it doesn’t even get to the set up screen. i have 8gb ram, m.2 ssd and Core i3-10110U
  21. Earlier
  22. I am on Windows 11 beta, using your tutorial on my second PC. I used a gen 5 to 8 Clover EFI on it, and I get a kernel panic with a cross (image attached) Please help! I use a TOSHIBA Satellite C55-C. Also, I used an iPad camera to take this lol
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