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  3. https://pastebin.com/ni2wgd4p This is everything i found about my card
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  5. I tried voodo and it said it couldn’t open the preferences also it didn’t give me anymore input or output devices in the settings. I’m kind of lost. I’m having problems identifying that as well I was in device manager and couldn’t find anything useful
  6. ok so reinstall makes recovery and all my datas saved ? i ll try to do this quickly thanks
  7. Voodoo works with little hassle. What is the device and vendor id of your Audio device.
  8. Probably your datas in Pen drive is damaged, From where did you download the Installer? Try with a new Pen drive.
  9. Yes it can be upgraded, but you must replace the latest kernel with a suffix (Eg: kernelcache.ryzen) and use boot-flag Kernelcache=ryzen.
  10. The recovery partition is automatically created by the macOS Installer. To recreate Mojave recovery partition download Mojave from AppStore and Install it on the same disk where you have Installed Mojave now, it would keep all datas and upgrade the OS and recreate recovery partition while Installing.
  11. Mac os catilina on hp probook 450 g6, I am having trouble installing kext files and i cant get my audio to work: ive tried vodoo it dont work and ive tried different things on the clover.plist i also tried terminal and got this as a output: I am completely lost i tried multibeast kext utility as well... Thanks for the help in advance!
  12. I'm trying to install macOS Catalina on my desktop but after I choose the language it gives me this error: Failed to open macos installer the path /usr/lib/libinstallhelper.collection appears to be missing or damaged. Can anyone give me any solution? PC specs: I5-7400 Nvidia GTX 1050TI 4GB 8GB RAM 512GB HDD
  13. Hi all, I deleted the recovery partition my system is booting but I would like to know how to recreate a recovery partition on my boot disk
  14. Last week
  15. how about with Mojave 10.14.6? now I using os Mojave 10.14.1 so can I upgrade to 10.14.6 or above.
  16. Morning, Installer log Hope you find something , which I can fix anyhow thanks for the support
  17. You can upload it in Google drive or somewhere and post a link here.
  18. You can Install Hackintosh on Ryzen with OpenCore but we do not have a guide yet.
  19. Hi Hackinstosher, Thanks for the help and sorry for the delay, can't find how to attach the log file and it's too big to put it in here, so please let me know how I can send it to you Cheers Jiz
  20. somebody know what OS can support for AMD Ryzen 3 and mobo asrock b450 steel legend
  21. Hello how do i fix the wifi of my mac os catalina? BCM4365 Broadcom thats is my wifi and what will i do to get fixed?
  22. before i download, once you switched and logged onto the macOS can you switch back to windows OS when your done on macOS or not and if you can how do you switch back?
  23. "ApplePS2Controller: Notification Consumer published : apple ps2 mouse" That is not an issue. Your Graphics MX 250 is not supported by Hackintosh, you must disable it from BIOS.
  24. You should update the bootloader before updating to 10.15.5
  25. We have covered an article on topic How to Fix End Randomseed Hackintosh?
  26. No It is not Possible Hackintosh Catalina Installer only Supports UEFI BIOS.
  27. Hello, Yes, Windows 10 is installed on UEFI, and i checked that my motherboard supports uefi booting.
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